How can I get a copy of Fearful Ends?

Fearful Ends can be purchased at Watch Factory Games.


What is the setting of Fearful Ends?

Fearful Ends is a generic horror system that works with a variety of settings.

Personally, I run most of my games in real world locations set in either a historic or modern time period. I often choose times and places that are already horrific before adding a supernatural element, such as the isolation of a Napolean era naval ship at sea or the oppressive climate of Cold War Berlin. Throw in a tentacled horror or mind controlling alien sentience and things become truly unsettling.

The rules are easy to adapt to any setting really though, from dark fantasy to dystopian futures. Any story featuring supernatural horrors that overwhelm the characters will work with Fearful Ends, whatever backdrop you prefer.

Can the Mental Stress cards be used with other RPGs?


Fearful Ends is a full system that works great all on its own, but I've seen others use the mental stress cards in games of Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, and Warhammer FRPG just to name a few. So it is very easy to lift this mechanic out and use it with your other favorite systems if you prefer.

Will there be any future scenarios or expansions?

One of the main reasons I created this game was to be a vehicle for publishing my own horror scenarios. I've already got at least one very close to complete, and there are several more in the chamber. So yes, you can expect plenty more Fearful Ends content to follow once fulfillment of the original Kickstarter is complete.

What safety tools does Fearful Ends employ?

Fearful Ends has both built in safety tools as well as support for many commonly used RPG safety tools. You can read all about it on Safety Page.

Are there Actual Plays of Fearful Ends online?

Yes! Find actual play videos and more on our Videos Page!

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